The original essence products Namman Muay originated in Thailand and a recipe for its preparation was passed a long time only from generation to generation. Preparations were used only by a small number of users. Only in 1960 were the first products ready for commercial use.

At that time, trained Thai boxer, first Thai world champion, Pon Kingpetch the boxing club known as the King Pet. Its owner and head coach Thongthos Intratat needed a resource that would be before training helped his wards warm up the muscles and joints and prepare the body for physical exertion . Also looking for a product that would help them regenerate after combat training and relieve pain from bruises .

Using the original essence of Thai oils for their champions can Thongthos Intratat verified that the beneficial effect both before training and after its completion. Thai oil massaging the muscles of the body perfectly prepared their wards performance and thus help to prevent injury during training. After the essence relieve strained muscles and help reduce bruising and contusions of kicks and punches.

Due to the excellent results he decided to make the essence of a wider range of athletes. Therefore, in 1960 he founded a pharmaceutical company DEVAKAM , which first started manufacturing products officially known as Namman Muay.

For generations, the products were Namman Muay used in almost every Thai boxing club. Due to the significant effects of the awareness of the product began to spread gradually across the continent , and eventually became known brand Devakam between boxers in clubs around the world.
Since 1960 it has undergone several changes in the recipe . Its beneficial effects and have been further strengthened , and therefore the products are so well known and popular. Although widespread throughout the world , produced in Thailand is still the original and best natural ingredients grown in this area. The recipe is still in the hands of the founding family firms Devakam and supervised descendants Thongthos Intratat.

Nowadays, products are Namman Muay used not only in martial arts , but also are widely sought after athletes, cyclists , basketball players and other athletes who need to quickly prepare for physical activity. Products Namman Muay can replace their effectiveness in warming up the muscles warm up even before peak performance . Athletes have Thai oil and ointment also popular for their excellent recovery properties after training.

Application area is not restricted to athletes, products are also popular among people with musculoskeletal problems . They help relieve pain in muscles, joints, and tendons, problems with swelling or clots . Oil and Cream Muay Namman are suitable also for health problems associated with aging are very effective in rheumatic problems and arthritis .