About us

Namman Muay™ Factory aims to create products which fulfil the needs of atheletes in any types of sports and exercises.  Over 17 Rai, the factory is located in the area of Devakham Apothecary Hall Co., Ltd at 71 Moo 4 Phimphavas, Phimpa District, Bangpakong, Chachoengsao province 24180.  The company emphasizes the importance of quality production and determination to uplift a standard in pharmacy to meet PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme).  To be a world class standard manufacturer, the factory is also equipped with highly modern production control system machinery,and attentively managed in every steps by quality personnels who oversee production, quality control:QC, quality assurance :QA, and research & development: R&D. The factory pays close attention to every process including researching, inventing, searching for raw materials, manufacturing, controlling quality, packaging,and transporting, to deliver the high quality medical supplies to the consumers.  The philosophy of Namman Muay factory establishment started from a determination to excellence for the Thai athletes, which later Pon Kingpetch had become the country’s first World Champion.  The idea is not only about business management, but also the commitment in pushing the company to be part of creating fulfilment in playing sports, and the quality of life for Thai people, with a conscience that Namman Muay™ has been with Thai people for a long time and part of the Thai sport history.